Trainee Educator

All fees paid! All books paid! Study time - PAID! And the best part? You get to play a vital role in helping children develop a lifelong love of learning. Oh, and did we mention we have SERIOUS FUN?  As a trainee educator, you'll be taking the first step to a future career bright with opportunities.

Whether you're a high school student dreaming of an exciting career, a professional looking for a change, a family-driven parent wanting a flexible career, or simply passionate about nurturing the smallest members of our community, a career in early childhood education and care might be for you.


With Affinity Education, you can pursue your Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care while working in an Affinity-operated centre as a Trainee Educator - meaning you don't have to put your work on hold to study. As soon as you start, you'll see just how much support is available through our Affinity Learning Academy. 

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More about Trainee Educators

What does a Trainee Educator do?
Every day is unique in our centres! 
As a Trainee Educator, you are learning every aspect of early education and care, in a practical setting, as you work towards completing your Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. You will be guided by the other Educators and Lead Educator in the room, and supported by your Centre Manager to learn our processes.
Your most important 'customers' are your children - and you'll be led by them to help them explore their interests through play-based learning. Feeding, sleep or rest times, some cleaning and lots of creative activities are a normal part of your day.
As a Trainee Educator with Affinity Education, you'll have the opportunity to learn and explore our Lifelong Learning approach to early years education. 
What qualifications are required for the role?
You can apply for and accept a role as a Trainee Educator with only a minimum Grade 10 or equivalent completion.
Once you start in the role, you will be fully supported by Affintiy Education to work towards your Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care through the Affinity Learning Academy. 
How do you support employees undertaking qualifications?
Each employee undertaking qualifications with The Affinity Learning Academy is supported with on-the-job coaching, subsidised funding, access to professional development opportunities through our online learning hub, comprehensive development plans, and more.
  • "Affinity is a great company to work for and offers so much support and opportunity to grow. I love coming to work each day to a great team of leaders and educators! "
  • "Working with Affinity has been a great experience for me and my career, as I started my first job with Affinity and I am still working with them. I have been working with Affinity for more than three years now and I still love my job. Such a great company. "
  • "I have worked for a lot of different companies, however I find Affinity Education to be the best with work/home-life balance. Affinity understands the roles of working mothers. "
  • "A huge thank you to Affinity Education for all of the amazing opportunities that are presented to every educator. I wouldn’t be in the position I am now without your full support! "
  • "I enjoy working for this company so much! Only place I’ve worked for that encourages a healthy work/life balance as well as seeing their educators better themselves academically. "
  • "Affinity is the best company to work for, with so many different opportunities available for career progression. If you want somewhere where you don’t just feel as though you are a number, and love what you do, Affinity Education is where you are able to shine. "
  • "The ability to reach and achieve your full potential, with the benefits of an amazing Centre Support Office team who will guide and support you in your role! "
  • "Affinity education group is the MOST supportive company I have ever worked for. I started with Affinity doing my diploma as assistant educator, then become Lead Educator, then assistant manager then became Centre Manager. I LOVE coming to work I walk in with a smile and walk out with a smile."