'Class of 2020' emerges as Affinity Education upskills leaders

A national ‘class’ of new business leaders are emerging in the sector, under the Affinity Learning Academy, with more than 140 Centre Managers* and Assistant Centre Managers* employed by Affinity Education currently enrolled in a Certificate III in Business or Community Services traineeship.  

The recognised qualifications will be supported through dedicated Affinity Learning Academy Development Coaches who work with Centre Managers and Assistant Centre Managers in one-on-one coaching sessions. 

According to Linda Carroll, Head of People and Culture at Affinity Education, this enables each Centre Manager and Assistant Centre Manager the highest chances for successful completion while also performing their day-to-day roles in running busy childcare centres. 

“One of the strongest commitments made to our people is a promise to help realise your full potential,” says Linda. 

“Our Centre Managers and Assistant Centre Managers have welcomed opportunity to progress their own professional development in a supported environment, and we’re excited to support them in growing their business acumen and creating closer community connections,” she said. 

The benefits of completing further business and community qualifications while continuously working in the sector were a big drawcard for Area Manager Krista Lynch, who will be completing her Certificate III in Business alongside each of the Centre Managers she supports in 2021.



An Affinity Area Manager since 2019, Krista Lynch has progressed from a Certificate III-qualified part time employee in 2012 through the entire Affinity Education Career Pathway to become a Centre Manager, and now is a well-respected Area Manager in New South Wales. 

“From the time Affinity Education acquired our centre in 2015, it was obvious I had an exciting career ahead of me,” says Krista.  

“With each career step I took, from Lead Educator to Assistant Centre Manager, to Centre Manager and then Area Manager - I've always been set up for success in my next role. Affinity Education's culture really offers personalised attention and support for anyone willing to go above and beyond.” 

“This opportunity to enrol in the Certificate III in Business – and for my team of Centre Managers to also be enrolled at the same time – is the latest of many personal and career development steps which have been made possible for me by Affinity Education,” she said.  

*As a reflection of the professional standing in which we hold our people, Affinity Education uses the title ‘Centre Manager’ for the operational role usually deemed ‘Centre Director’ in the sector. We refer to our ‘2ICs’ as ‘Assistant Centre Managers’.

Both roles convey significant operational skill and ability and indicate the persons employed in roles are being provided with extensive mentoring, training and development opportunities, along with paid study time for further formal qualifications when individuals are enrolled in the Affinity Learning Academy.  

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