Our greatest asset – our people

Affinity Education Group is proud to have a culture of employee recognition, training and development and a focus on internal promotions. Renee Ransfield, Talent Acquistion Manager, shared some of the great programs in place to support Affinity staff. 

“Providing training opportunities, active career progression mapping and strong employee retention and recognition programs are all part of what makes Affinity Education such a great place to work”, explained Renee. 

“Our people are our greatest investment and by promoting internally, we can continue to maintain the investment in our employee's skills and knowledge and support them with career pathways at Affinity.” 

Renee, and the People and Culture Team at Affinity Education, offer varying mentoring and training opportunities to help creating shining stars within the organization, and help every staff member reach their career goals. 

Affinity Education proudly provides... 

- On-the-job coaching from an Affinity Quality Advisor for Educators and Centre Staff 
- Subsidized Certificate and Diploma studies through the Affinity Learning Academy 
- Affinity Development Coaches to guide, mentor and support under-qualified employees 
- Access to over 100 online professional development opportunities through the Learning Hub
- Comprehensive development plans for all staff with mapped training activities
- Active monitoring of junior staff, with a view to internally promote when competent 

Renee explained that supporting employees is not only important for job satisfaction and career development; but a flow-on benefit is that valuable time and money is saved from the retention of staff – being able to channel further resources into upskilling and training. 


With more than 147 Affinity Education Group centres across Australia, employees are not limited to just one place of employment – they are able to transfer across the country!  

“We love our staff and we go above and beyond to provide transfer opportunities local or interstate wherever possible”, continued Renee. 

Learn more about Affinity Education Group and the supportive culture on offer. We are always looking for passionate staff to join our team, so visit our Current Vacancies page.