Supporting our community in response to COVID-19 Coronavirus

Our priority is the safety and wellbeing of our people, and the children in our care, and we welcome the Australian Government's Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package which commenced on 6 April 2020.

As at 10am AEDT 27 April, 2020, all of our child care centres are open and we are closely following government updates. We continue to remain in close contact with our families and support our centres with any questions related to COVID-19.

"Our child care centres remain safe, hygienic early education and child care communities, and our educators and early childhood teachers are doing a fantastic job of caring for children," explains CEO Tim Hickey. 

"Our priority is the safety and well-being of the children in our care, and our people, so that we can continue to provide uninterrupted, high quality early education and child care."We are maintaining frequent contact with our Centre Managers, educators and families to reassure them that our child care centres remain safe, hygienic spaces for our children to learn and play. 

Our Centre Managers and teams have access to a dedicated COVID-19 Support Centre, to provide information and support so they can focus on continuity of care for children.

What are we doing to support our people?

  • Providing ongoing work opportunities for our qualified early education professionals
  • Encouraging social distancing techniques as appropriate in our child care centre environments
  • Implementing additional temperature checks for adults and children at our centres
  • Using Nanocyn sanitisation fogging treatments at our child care centres 
  • Enforcing our handwashing and hygiene policies
  • Training our educators in further risk minimisation techniques to avoid spreading disease
  • Implementing our exclusion policies for educators and children who are unwell 
  • Postponing incursions and excusions
  • Supporting educators to extend children's learning opportunities online and at-home 
  • Providing access our Employee Assistance Program for additional support and advice. 

For more information, the Department of Health is frequently updating their COVID-19 coronavirus health alert page

Previous updates:

What do we know so far?

Currently, there are confirmed cases of COVID-19 coronavirus nationally, and the Australian government has activated a strong national response unit which is taking sensible precautionary actions. Our National COVID-19 Response Group is guiding our Lifelong Learning Centres community to take proactive steps daily in response to advice from state government health departments. 

What are we doing?

Excellent hygiene remains the best protection against the spread of any infectious disease. Our handwashing and hygiene policies and procedures have been reviewed and updated.

In every child care centre, hand cleaning stations are visible and accessible and additional signage has been installed to prompt use by visitors. Additional measures introduced to protect our people and our children include regular temperature checks, appropriate social distancing and updated training, policies and procedures.

Our families are also being reminded to comply with our exclusion policies for unwell children.

Excursions and Incursions

To minimise the risk of the spread of coronavirus we are carefully monitoring, and limiting any planned excursions or incursions. Risk assessments have been updated to reflect the current situation. 

Contractors and Visitors

Our Centre Managers are responsible for ensuring contractors and visitors adhere to our measures and guidelines and are aware of the COVID-19 measures in our child care centres.

Ongoing Safety Focus

We are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely and will continue to provide updates to you as appropriate. Our approach is to manage the situation in a balanced, calm and measured way, and when required act swiftly and communicate clearly.

Australian Government Fact Sheets on COVID-19 Coronavirus:

General fact sheet
Information for child care centres


Parent and community feedback can be provided to our Family Support Team at 1800 CHILD CARE or via