Papilio Early Learning STEAMs Ahead

Children at Papilio Early Learning Centres across New South Wales are now enjoying introductory lessons in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics as part of recently introduced STEAM programs in each centre.

The program aims to stimulate the minds of preschoolers with exciting exploratory topics which will encourage learning, engagement, enquiry and critical thinking from the 3-5 year olds participating in the program.

The introduction of the STEAM program responds to research indicating children thrive when immersed in interactive, play-based learning experiences.

The arts corner at Papilio Early Learning Dundas Valley promotes creativity and self-expression

"Children’s minds are at such a critical stage of development at this preschool age,” says Dr Lesley Jones, Head Advisor of Pedagogy and Practice at Affinity Education Group.

"A key part of this development phase revolves around the way children interact and have experiences within their environment. The Papilio Early Learning STEAM program emphasises experiences which promote self confidence, collaboration with other children and gaining an understanding of important concepts,” she continued.

"We want these children to learn, and grow a love of learning in the process. To do this, we’re promoting exciting and interactive learning activities so children can be engaged explorers."

The Papilio Tech Station at Papilio Early Learning Rosebery in action

At Affinity Education Group, we are passionate about inspiring and nurturing lifelong learners - but it takes the right educators to bring these opportunities for children to life. 

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