Affinity welcomes relief for Australian families enrolled in child care

Affinity Education Group has welcomed the Australian Government's new Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package which will ensure children can remain enrolled in child care. 

"This is excellent news for our people, and for working Australian families," said CEO Timothy Hickey. 

The Relief Package recognises early education and child care providers as an essential service as Australia navigates through COVID-19 coronavirus, and rebuilds our economy together. 

Working families providing essential services will be able to continue to access child care, while those who choose to isolate their child will be able to continue their child's enrolment with the Government subsidising the cost of their child care fees. 

"I'd like to thank all our early childhood educators and teachers who have gone above and beyond for their families over the past weeks, facing unprecedented stress and challenges," said Mr Hickey. 

"You haven't missed a beat in education and care, proving yourselves to be true professionals in your sector," he said.

The Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package complements the new JobKeeper payment expected to benefit many in the ECEC sector. 

In announcing the Relief Package, Prime Minister Morrison said the government was 'building a bridge for these valuable services to the other side of this virus so they can continue to play their valuable role in our workforce and education systems and so Australia can bounce back strongly.'