Affinity Training Workshops Inspire Educators

Affinity Education Group's Education Advisor, Jola Sung, sat down with us to explain why professional development is so important at Affinity, and what her team does to support educators.
Affinity Education Group owns and operates 148 Lifelong Learning Centres across the country, who are driven by our organisational values.Delivering Outstanding Professionalism is a key pillar, ensuring commitment to ongoing training and knowledge, and recognising early childhood education as an essential community occupation and genuine career path, and encouraging commitment to ongoing training and knowledge.

"My role, and the purpose of our Affinity Education team, is to support our centre educators with the regular training, resources and latest educational approaches to deliver the best education and care to the children in our services', explained Ms Sung.

"It's pretty incredible to have a whole team dedicated to ensuring our educators are the best in the industry".

When COVID-19 disrupted some face-to-face training opportunities, Affinity's commitment to training and learning didn't slow down - quite the opposite! Over the past month, the Education team have launched Zoom Lifelong Learning Educator workshops for Lead Educators across all centres, and all age groups. The team, led by Dr Lesley Jones, have created these virtual modules to refresh and extend knowledge, think deeper about current teaching practices, and allow continuous reflect on how each educator is guiding children's learning and development.

"At Affinity Education, we are research-based. Our team has their finger on the pulse of the industry - locally and globally, to ensure our teaching practices are effective and mirror best practice. So these workshops allow us to share that knowledge with the in-centre educators."

"Training isn't just great for educators, most importantly it benefits the children in our care. Our targeted approach for each early learning phase means that children in our care, regardless of their age, have knowledgeable educators who have undergone research based training, so they can enrich children's learning."

"I'm really proud that during this period we haven't slowed down our professional development, we've boosted it! Educators have thrived on 'virtually' networking and knowledge-sharing with their counterparts across the country. The sense of community and support network at Affinity is truly powerful", summarized Ms Sung.

Session feedback from educators has been overwhelming positive...
‘We have so many goals and we’re ready to implement and pass on all this information to other educators.’
– Sarah from Milestones Early Learning Centre (CBD)
‘That was amazing information. Such a fun and interactive way to engage, interact and share our thoughts and ideas with one another. Really looking forward into the next sessions 
– Jehan from Papilio Early Learning Centre Essendon

The Zoom Lifelong Learning Educator workshops are just one of the professional development and training opportunities available to Affinity educators. Read more about Affinity's commitment to ongoing training, early childhood learning approaches and about the culture of lifelong learning.