Affinity celebrates Early Childhood Educators Day

More than 3000 educators from 167 Lifelong Learning Centres owned and operated by Affinity Education Group are sharing morning teas, family appreciation events, and enjoying access to a new resource – an Educator Reflection diary, provided as a gift to every single educator.
CEO Tim Hickey explained the diaries were created by Jes Hurst, an educator and Assistant Centre Manager at one of Affinity’s Queensland child care centres.
“Jes was a participant in our 2018 Affinity Shining Stars program, which mentored 12 outstanding members of our Affinity family through professional and personal development elements to help them achieve their full potential,” Mr Hickey said.

“During the program each participant was able to choose a project to work on, and Jes chose to develop an Educator Reflection diary. Affinity was so impressed by the outcome we have produced a copy for each of our educators to use throughout the rest of 2018.”

Jes Hurst said early childhood educators ‘give so much of themselves, every day.”

“I wanted to create a resource for educators, by an educator, which could be used to help us improve our practice as we provide education and care,” Jes said.

The diary encourages reflective practice in line with the National Quality Standard and the Early Years Learning Framework, which recognises the need for early childhood educators to:
  • Develop greater self-awareness about the values and beliefs informing their practice and decision making
  • Understand the ethical nature of their work
  • Examine the theories underpinning their practice
  • Engage in a continuous cycle of inquiry and improvement
  • Challenge taken for granted practices
  • Identify and take action about gaps in their professional knowledge
“It’s very special to have my Educator Reflection Diary released to some 3000 early childhood educators around Australia – it completes a journey which was made possible through my participation in the Shining Stars program run by Affinity Learning Academy, an experience which really has helped me believe in my own personal potential,” Ms Hurst said.
Affinity CEO Tim Hickey congratulated all early childhood educators and thanked Ms Hurst for her contribution.
“Affinity demonstrates its belief in and support of early childhood educators to carry out their role with outstanding professionalism. Every time I visit our centres I am inspired by our educators going above and beyond for the families and children in their care,” Mr Hickey said.
In addition to the diaries, Early Childhood Educators Day has been celebrated with congratulations and well-wishes from Affinity, comments from parents on Facebook, in personal messages and gifts delivered to the centre, and appreciation posters and displays.