Taking out the Frankston Food Awards

Healthy Food is the backbone of all we do, it sparks our energy and fuels our brains to engage in Lifelong Learning. That’s why we are so proud of one of our Lifelong Learning Centres for taking out the Frantastic Food Award for 2019!

In early August, Aussie Kindies Early Learning Centre Manager Chauntelle Keane and Chef Jessica Donath attended the Frantastic Food Awards at Franskton Council. The dedicated duo were presented with their special award by Mayor Michael O’Reilly with cheers all round.

“The new ‘Frantastic Food Safety Awards’ program provides local food handling businesses with the opportunity to showcase their commitment to providing customers with the safest possible food,” says Chauntelle.

The children loved this chicken and vegetable paella.

“The program also provides medium and high-risk food businesses with an overview of their performance in relation to best practice standards and incentivises higher standards.”

Centre Manager Chauntelle Keane and Chef Jessica Donath are so proud of their achievements.

Reaching out to the Council they explained that the Frantastic Food Safety Awards will only be presented to those businesses considered excellent operators and leaders within the local food industry.

To achieve the award the centre had to demonstrate compliance with their Food Safety Program through Food Safety Records, appoint a qualified Food Safety Supervisor who has met the required food safety competency standards and training. The supervisor must demonstrate a decent level of knowledge in Food Safety.

“I would like to thank Jessica for all her hard work and dedication, this award represents the quality that Jessica provides our children at Aussie Kindies Frankston with everyday,” says Chauntelle.

It’s important to expose children to different food varieties wherever possible.

“I would like to thank Environmental Health Officer, Jacky Ashley, for all the guidance and support she showed our centre during assessment and also the Aussie Kindies Early Learning Frankston team for all their support and dedication to making sure we are all providing best practices and high standards to maintain food safety within our centre.”

“The Frankston Mayor and other Environmental Health Officers were so elated when our centre received our Food Award, as they couldn’t believe we had made so many improvements in such a short period of time. We will even be featured in the local newspaper and also on the Frankston Council Facebook page!”

It’s up up and away for Centre Manager Chauntelle Keane and Chef Jessica Donath, pictured here with Environmental Health Officer Jacky Ashley and Mayor Michael O’Reilly.

The team at Aussie Kindies Early Learning Frankston are now working with the Frankston Council to obtain two more awards for the centre.

“The Frantastic Award Program has now expanded to include additional categories. These categories aim to prevent and minimise health risks to the public. The two other categories are the Tobacco Award & Water and Recycling Award,” says Chauntelle.

We are so proud of the teams achievements and can’t wait to see what the future holds as they strive to live out the Healthy Children Programs in their day to day running of Aussie Kindies Early Learning Frankston. 

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