Celebrating Healthy Children Week

October is a time to celebrate 'Healthy Children Week' in the Lifelong Learning Centres owned by Affinity Education Group across Australia.

CEO Tim Hickey said ‘Healthy Children’ reflects the group's support of a holistic approach to early years education and care.

"Building on our Lifelong Learning the Healthy Children framework helps our educators to encourage children to experience and learn about wellbeing, and to take responsibility for making good health choices and caring for themselves," Mr Hickey said.

Based around six core themes; Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds, Healthy Food, Healthy Families, Healthy World and Healthy Communities, every childcare centre within the Affinity group is encouraged to run their own series of activities, events, incursions and excursions promoting the foundations of a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Children Week is being celebrated across the country this October to provide an opportunity for our educators not only to educate children about healthy living, but also to engage with families and raise awareness of health-related issues and provide useful information to support them.

A wide range of fun activities and events will be hosted such as family sports days, dental check-ups, yoga and meditation sessions, healthy cooking classes and bake sales, tree planting, community excursions and charity fund raisers.

Milestones Early Learning Yanchep will host 'Healthy Food' sampling with families and provide take home recipes, introduce a ‘Donate, Trade & Exchange’ station at their centre to support 'Healthy Families', and taking the children out on a 'Healthy Communities' clean up at a local park.

“Healthy Children Week has been created as a national event to unite our centres across the country, but it is very much a holistic approach that is embedded in delivering high quality early years education and care every day of the year,” Mr Hickey said

“Many Affinity centres already offer a wide variety of activities, events and programs promoting exercise, nutrition and mindfulness for example. I am delighted to see so many of our centres embrace the opportunity to build their healthy communities!”

To find out more about the Lifelong Learning approach visit www.lll.edu.au