Affinity supports 'Launch into Learning'

Affinity Education Group is proud to support 'Launch into Learning' in partnership with the Early Learning and Care Council of Australia (ELACCA), in support of a minimum of two years of affordable, high quality early learning for every child in the years before they start school.
CEO Tim Hickey said all 160+ of the Lifelong Learning Centres owned and operated by Affinity Education Group would support the campaign by sharing messaging with parents, family members and their educator network. 
"Affinity is committed to providing high quality early education and care, to help every child reach their full potential," Mr Hickey said.

"Our play-based Lifelong Learning approach is brought to life by more than 3000 of our educators every day to inspire children's independent learning, growth and development. 

"The Affinity Learning Academy is supporting the training and qualifications of hundreds of educators across Australia to improve the learning outcomes of the children in their care,” he said.

With federal funding for preschool programs due to expire at the end of 2019, the Launch into Learning campaign is highlighting the urgency of maintaining preschool funding for children in the year before school - and extending that funding to the second year before school.

"Research shows children who have attended high quality, play-based early learning become more confident, capable and curious learners, who thrive through primary school and into early adult life," Mr Hickey said.

“We are joining with more than 2200 child care centres across Australia to call for government support to ensure every child has the access to early learning they need."

The Launch into Learning campaign is calling on all major political parties to commit to:
•         significant new investment in all children to ensure they attend two years of high quality early learning in the vital years before they begin primary school
•         better support for children experiencing disadvantage or vulnerability by ensuring they attend 600 hours of quality preschool programs
•         fixing the Child Care Subsidy so that it supports all children’s access to preschool programs
•         a strategy to ensure Australia has sufficient numbers of highly trained early childhood teachers and educators - who are well paid and well respected
•         on-going commitment to the National Quality Framework which helps ensure all preschool programs are of high quality.

To support the campaign, visit the petition page here