Happy World Teacher’s Day!

We all had a favourite teacher at school – and probably a least favourite too! But it’s not just at school where great teaching is so valuable; it’s in early years education too, where teachers play a very important role in a child’s life.
Tim Hickey, CEO said World Teacher’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to recognise the high calibre of teachers working in Lifelong Learning Centres, owned by Affinity Education Group, across Australia.

“It’s really not just child’s play every day – our early childhood teachers work extremely hard to create safe and stimulating environments where children can thrive, and provide the nurturing influence that encourages them to take the next steps in their development,” he said.

It is becoming increasingly recognised how important quality early years education is to help children prepare for school. Children who have already developed a love of lifelong learning are more likely to feel happy in the transition, and confident to take on the challenges it presents.
In a recent report conducted by Mitchell Institute, it was reported that ‘access to a high-quality preschool program is one of the few proven strategies for lifting outcomes for all children’ and that high quality early education ensures children ‘have the best possible opportunity to develop the early cognitive and social emotional skills that set them up for life.’

The role of an early childhood teacher requires incredible connection with every child’s social, emotional and physical needs. Furthermore, the ability to adapt intended learning experiences to meet these needs. Our teachers deal with unexpected situations every day, and always respond with a smile and encouragement. They go above and beyond to support both the children in their care, and the families who belong to their community.
And our parents concur! Across our Lifelong Learning Centres network we regularly receive wonderful feedback via Facebook, Storypark and in centre.
“Every day I love to enter the Kindergarten room to see what you have planned for the day or what you are teaching the children. Every day I see all children engaged in play or group learning. You are an amazing teacher Rachel, thank you for all you do.”
“Meldrid it was great to see you dressing up and involving the children in the parade today. Every day you run a fantastic program in the pre-kindy room. All the children are settled engaged and learning. You are a wonderful educator.”
“Amazing teaching practices Jill. The park excursions are providing multiple experiences for the children. The learning experiences foster the children's development and interests. You are extremely passionate and knowledgeable which shows in your programs.”