Affinity shining star profile: Chrissy Graham


Introducing Chrissy Graham, Early Childhood Teacher and Pedagogical Leader in the Alpine Daisy’s Preschool Room at Daisy’s Childcare and Preschool Service, and one of our latest Shining Stars!

Chrissy began her work in early childhood education at her current centre six years ago as an admin. She took up the position while studying her Primary Teaching Degree. She fell in love with the industry and changed her studies to a dual Degree in Primary and Early Childhood Teaching after just three months.

Before this Chrissy had been working in Real Estate, but after having her daughter Alexis in 2013, she knew she wanted to make a change. Having always wanted to teach, it was an easy choice, but not necessarily always an easy ride.

Since taking up her studies when her daughter was just six weeks old, Chrissy has had two more children and juggled working and renovating a heritage listed home. When asked about her journey Chrissy said, “it’s been hard at times fitting study around personal and family life.”

“My husband John and the kids, both my parents, and John’s and my sister-in-law Liz have been my rocks through it all, from the beginning. They’ve also been so helpful with mentoring me, working me through many “I can’t do it” tears and helping with my children. Also, the other staff at Daisy’s and my family and friends supported my journey, she continued.”

Over her study journey Chirssy worked her way up within the Centre, starting in administration three days a week before moving to the floor as an assisting educator in the toddler and baby rooms. Within a year she had moved into the Preschool room as the Pedagogical Leader. “I have loved my role as this for the past five years, she said.”

When asked what she loves most about her Centre, to keep her coming back every day she said, “I love the small community that surrounds our centre, families are actively involved and are always willing to offer to help and share in their child’s education. We are lucky to have a beautiful outdoor environment for the children to engage in through all seasons. I love that the children form close friendships in their young years here at Daisy’s and they move through school together with the same friendships.”

Thank you Chrissy for bringing our Affinity values of ‘Going Above and Beyond’, ‘Delivering Outstanding Professionalism’ and ‘Living the Team Spirit’ to life!

To find out how to further your early childhood education journey visit our careers page or contact our friendly People and Culture team.