Papilio Early Learning’s Canberra Metamorphosis

There are two new Papilio Early Learning centres in Canberra. Papilio Early Learning Yarralumla and Papilio Early Learning Barton are joining the existing Papilio Early Learning Bruce centre which was a standalone until July 2019.

Papilio is the Latin term for butterfly, and is symbolic of transformation and growth, representing the belief that every child is beautiful and unique.

The Papilio Early Learning mission is to inspire every child to spread their wings through a journey of self-discovery, supporting them to be the best they can be, and laying the foundations of success for a future of lifelong learning.

As part of the re-branding all three Canberra-based centres underwent an overhaul both inside and out, with fresh paint, new playgrounds, and a total centre refresh. 


Papilio Early Learning Yarralumla

It’s not just the facilities that have received an overhaul. To bring Papilio Early Learning Centres in line with the new brand they now offer a range of incursions and excursions throughout the year that are centered around the children’s interests, nestled alongside the lifelong learning curriculum. 

The centres also offer a dedicated preschool program for children aged three to five years with passionate educators working hard to create a balance between child-initiated and teacher-led activities. The programs will provide local children the opportunity to prepare for the best start in their schooling years while still focusing on attentive, nurturing care and play-based learning. As part of these programs students will be involved in yoga, language classes, literacy and numeracy activities, arts and crafts, STEM and fitness classes.

Papilio Early Learning Bruce

Sitting down to have a chat with some of the educators they had nothing but excitement to share about the new centres. “Papilio to me means an organisation that truly cares about the education and care of children, the relationships they form with families and the environments they provide for children’s learning and development,” says Siobhan Parker.


Papilio Early Learning Yarralumla

All families that are part of the Papilio journey in Canberra are regularly invited to centre events to meet, mingle and create lasting memories. As part of their current Winter Program Papilio Early Learning Yarralumla are hosting a Healthy Families breakfast on Thursday July 11. Then over at Barton families are getting to be involved in a splendid Teddy Bear’s Picnic on Wednesday July 17. Our educators love welcoming families to our centres. Papilio Barton educator Siobhan Parker says, “What I love most about Papilio Barton is the team of educators within the centre. They have a genuine passion and dedication surrounding their education and care of the children who attend our centre. I also value the wonderful relationships they have formed and maintained with the families of the children.”