Reconciliation in action

At Affinity Education we strive to be completely connected and with NAIDOC Week now winding down across the Country, children have been reaping the rewards of their educators hard work living our values. 

We place an emphasis on bringing out the best in each other and the communities and families we serve through collaboration and cooperation, and last week displayed that with a long list of Indigenous themed activities opening up Australia's history to our Lifelong Learners.

Always looking to celebrate the innovation of our teams, this week we are shining a spotlight on the team at Milestones Early Learning Centre Bathurst who have gone above and beyond building their very own yarning circle.

During the week the centre had multiple activities and incursions planned to help increase the knowledge and cultural awareness of Indigenous peoples in the local community. In the rooms this led to children being interested in different arts and crafts, dreamtime stories and foods.

It is a regular practice at Milestones Early Learning Centre Bathurst for the preschool rooms to sit and reflect on the programs that are running in the rooms and what the children are interested in or what they would like to learn. This makes programming very easy as it is child led and gives them a voice about their own education.

Centre Manager Bradley Campbell says, “to tie this practice in with our NAIDOC Week activities and our future embedded practices, we created a yarning circle in the yard. This allows rooms to have a meaningful place where educators and children could continue these practices in a culturally inclusive way.”

“This led our Assistant Centre Manager and Educational leader to think about what else we could do to embed Indigenous culture into our programs and practice in a meaningful way.

By networking with Jade and Erin from Kids Academy Regentville and Olga, our Area Manager, we were pointed in the direction of a ‘Reconciliation Action Plan’(RAP),” he said.

The team at Milestones Early Learning Centre Bathurst have looked into creating their RAP and sent it out to families and educators to have a voice within the process, and the response was overwhelming. There have now been representatives from the Department and other Centre Managers from town, putting their hands up to help the centre build a meaningful RAP and embed it into their service. 

If this sounds like the kind of philosophy you want to be a part of have a look at our current employment vacancies.