Kelly Richardson, The Gourmet Nutritionist, joins Affinity’s Lifelong Learning Centres

Easy children’s lunches, healthy choices for fussy eaters and clever tips for busy parents feature in a brand new campaign featuring videos, tips and recipes developed by Kelly Richardson, The Gourmet Nutritionist, in partnership with Affinity Education Group for their Lifelong Learning Centres.
Designed to benefit the parents, children, educators and kitchen staff at more than 160 child care centres throughout Australia owned by Affinity Education, the campaign highlights healthy eating in a fun and achievable way.
Affinity Education CEO Tim Hickey said the series was developed after focus groups and consultation with parents and educators who identified a need for more engaging and education resources focused on healthy eating choices.
“We’re very pleased to have Kelly Richardson on board with us this year, she’s a great advocate for children’s nutrition and overall health and wellbeing,” Mr Hickey said.
“We had a fantastic time filming the first series of videos – some with the help of some little shining stars from one of our Affinity centres in Brisbane, and we can’t wait to share them with the families of the 20,000 children enrolled in our centres around Australia,” he said.
“As part of the National Quality Framework our services are required to promote healthy eating and provide food and drinks that are nutritious, and Kelly is guiding our practice in the area of Children Health and Safety by offering support and advice on healthy eating and menu creation for our in-centre kitchen chefs. 
“This will be extended beyond the centres ensuring we are providing families with nutritional information and working collaboratively with them for positive outcomes for children both at the service and in the home.”
The collaboration is the first with a national brand for Richardson, a leading Sydney-based nutritionist who specialises in nourishing the body and educating and improving people’s relationship with food.
“Nutritional education cannot start early enough, so I’m thrilled that a national childcare provider such as Affinity Education Group is taking this type of initiative in providing fun and informative resources for children, families and educators at their centres,” said Kelly.
“In my work as a nutritionist I regularly coach parents and families – the issues of ‘fussy eaters’, balanced meals and avoiding overly processed food are of particular interest to me and I’m really glad to share my knowledge with the Affinity Education Group community in this way.”
Mr Hickey said the decision to engage a nutritionist followed the Early Years Learning Framework which recommends treating children as capable and competent learners.
“Our educators will use Kelly Richardson’s Lunchbox Series as a starting point for discussing food and how it is sourced, with the goal of keeping children connected to their world and allowing them to take increasing responsibility for their own health,” Mr Hickey said.
All videos, tips, recipes and information can be found at