Affinity welcomes Dr Lesley Jones

Affinity is proud to welcome Dr Lesley Jones as Senior Advisor, Pedagogy and Practice. 

One of Queensland’s most experienced and accomplished Early Childhood Education professionals, Lesley has held roles ranging from national operational management through to the development of units within the Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) at Southern Cross University during 2009-2012.

An accomplished teacher, business strategist and thought-leader, as well as mother of four and proud grandmother to seven ‘gorgeous’ grandchildren, Lesley is excited about her opportunity to drive Affinity’s Educational Leadership team, comprising Early Childhood Teachers and Lead Educators in more than 160 Lifelong Learning Centres owned and operated by Affinity Education Group around Australia.

“The role of the Educational Leader in an early childhood setting is critical, and Affinity is providing a structured framework for professional development, peer support for educators, and recognition of best practice in early education outcomes aligned to the Early Years Learning Framework,” Lesley said.

“On a professional level I’m excited about the opportunity to work with such an engaged group of early childhood leaders, to support outcomes for children in their first five years of learning,” she said.

“The quality of work we undertake with children is serious business, has serious implications on children’s futures, and Affinity is giving it serious focus.

“On a personal level, this newly-created role represents a wonderful opportunity for me to bring my years of experience to an organisation as progressive and dynamic as Affinity Education Group. Early childhood education is where the real action is, and I’m excited to work with an organisation who recognise this as a privilege.”

Affinity CEO Timothy Hickey said the team were thrilled to welcome Lesley’s experience and passion for early education.

“Affinity’s commitment to our teachers and educators is to help them deliver outstanding professionalism as early childhood professionals across the Lifelong Learning Centres network,” Mr Hickey said.

“We look forward to the work Lesley will do with our team in progressing what quality early education needs to
be not just today, but for the thousands of children in our care in the years ahead.”