Quality first - new national team announced

Affinity Education Group has announced its 2018 Quality Review Team, tasked with training and supporting best-practice processes and embedding National Quality Review standards across its network of more than 160 child care centres around Australia.

Queensland-based Jodie McClelland – an industry professional with more than 28 years experience in the early childhood sector – will lead a national group of highly experienced early childhood professionals in each state.
Quality-Team-Jodie-McLelland-(1).jpg “Our Quality Team ensures our strategic direction of coaching through the ‘GROW’  model is maintained across compliance, business expectations and most importantly,  early childhood education.” Mrs McClelland said.
 The Affinity Quality Review process - unique to the Early Childhood sector – involves  quarterly reviews carried out at the centre level by internal industry professionals.

 Each centre is assessed against performance indicators which include the National  Quality Standards, relevant legislation, state-based learning frameworks, and internal  policies, procedures and processes.
Supporting the Quality Review process is a national program of coaching, training, communication programs and support designed to build the competency and individual achievements of Affinity’s staff.

“At the heart of the Quality Review process is our goal of ensuring the best early education outcomes are being achieved for the children in our care,” Mrs McClelland said.

“Early Childhood Care professionals are being given the tools to deliver outstanding professionalism, and we are extremely proud of the results being seen across Australia.”

“There is a direct correlation between centres who perform well in our Quality Reviews and those who achieve a rating of ‘Meeting’ or ‘Exceeding’ from the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA),” she said. 
In 2017, Queensland-based Ipswich Kiddie Care achieved an ACEQCA ‘Meeting’ rating after a series of four Quality Reviews within a twelve-month period which gave the team clear direction and identified opportunities for improvement.

“Affinity’s Quality Reviews are such a motivating factor for my team,” Centre Manager Jessie Baker said.

“They offer a genuine professional development opportunity for me as the Centre Manager, and show our entire team how we are performing against other child care centres and exactly where we need to improve.”

“The things which matter most to us – our family satisfaction, and the early education we are delivering to the children in our care – was absolutely enhanced by our focus on Quality, and we were delighted to achieve our goal of a ‘Meeting’ ACEQCA rating,” she said. 
At Little Tots Stretton, Centre Manager Carol Johnston leads a team known for their warmth and devotion to the children and families who are part of the community. The centre was among the top performers in the 2017 Quality Review process. 

“The Quality Review Process  has been a wonderful journey for all centre employees, our QA’s passion for providing Quality Care is invaluable and she has been a fantastic mentor for all of us.” Ms Johnston said.

“We have seen an increase in occupancy, greater community connections, an enriched program focusing on natural sustainable environments and embedding the Lifelong Learning School Readiness program are just to name a few."