Affinity Shining Star profile: Yolandi Chandler

“I love that we get to be a part of children’s development in their most crucial years”

“After a few years teaching in primary schools, I felt I needed a ‘change and challenge’ and in January 2015 I took on the role of Early Childhood Teacher with the Lifelong Learning Centres network.

Within a week I knew I had found my career – I knew I would thrive and make a difference.


The difference between early childhood education and primary school has been very liberating for me as an educator. High quality childcare, and our Lifelong Learning approach, gives us the freedom to adapt to each child’s unique abilities and strengths.

We are not limited as to what we can achieve in early childhood, and our children have freedom to input and make decisions about their learning and experiences.


I also feel that we work more closely with parents in early childhood education than I did as a primary school teacher.

My qualifications include diplomas in music theory, and a Bachelor of Education degree. I also coordinate the ‘Kids Matter’ program encouraging Healthy Minds in our centre.

What do I most love about my job? We are able to make a real difference in children’s lives and we get to have fun and learn with them in the process. I am extremely excited to have been chosen to take part in the upcoming New Zealand study tour that our owners Affinity Education Group have provided for a group of Early Childhood Teachers.

During this tour we will study the Reggio Emilia approach so we can implement parts of this theory into our own practice. As an educator, it is gratifying to be given such support and encouragement in my career. I know this will benefit my abilities in contributing to and learning from the early childhood education experiences at our centre.”

As told by Yolandi Chandler.

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