Our Unique Culture

Our Brand Promise

To realise the potential in everyone

Our Mission

To inspire and nurture individuals to reach their full potential

Our Bold Goal

To significantly build the capability and competence of 100,000 children and our 4,000 Affinity team members over the next 5 years

Our Uniqueness

We inspire and nurture indikiduality – one connection at a time, by bringing the magic of kids into everything we do

Our Values

Everyone in our Affinity family – our corporate staff, area managers, educators and all staff – can live our values every day.

We bring out the best in each other and the families we serve through collaboration and cooperation, communicating openly and sharing knowledge and information.

We all participate in making Affinity a fun place where we share laughter, celebrate achievement and maintain perspective and balance for each other.

We support and enable each other to grow, learn and develop by giving everyone the autonomy they need and having their back.

We act with genuine positivity, pride and energy and go out of our way to deliver value that goes above and beyond the ordinary.

We all contribute to the Affinity culture of winning attitudes, teamwork, cooperation and creating a sense of belonging for everyone.

We take our work seriously, acting professionally and respecting each other for who we are, our individuality, knowledge, skills and experience.