Kasmah Husain Celebrates 21 Years


With over 4000 educators and team members throughout the Affinity Education Group community, we are delighted that we are celebrating over 18 individuals reaching 20 or above years of service within our centres. 

We would like to acknowledge one of our amazing community members, Kasmah (Kasi) Husain, Lead Educator at Papilio Early Learning Hunters Hill in New South Wales who has reached 20 years of service with Affinity Education. 

On behalf of the Affinity community and the team at Papilio Early Learning Hunters Hill we would like to thank you for all your hard work and support over the past 20 years. As your team has highlighted, “You are such a valued member of our Papilio family, and we are so lucky to have you.” 

Kasi expressed, “I am happy to have reached the 21-year milestone in early childhood education. It's the children and the interaction with their parents that make our job so satisfying.”  

Kasi took some time out of her busy day to tell us a little bit about herself and what she has learned from 21 years of working within the Early Childhood Education and Care sector. 

Her journey started 21 years ago, when she completed her practical at Lady Gowrie. During her short time there she enjoyed working with children so much that it drove her to do a certificate III in Early Childhood Education. “It was such a wonderful experience for me.” Kasi said. 

Encouraged by her fellow team members to further her qualifications, she started a Diploma in Early Childhood Education through Meadowbank TAFE, taking two years as a part-time course whilst working.  

Working at Papilio Early Learning Hunters Hill, Kasi spoke about how much she appreciated the Affinity community of educators, families and local community stating, “I love my centre because it opens out into the environment, and we are so lucky to have a great bunch of families.”  

I have chosen to stay with Affinity because I love the children, the parents and all the wonderful staff in our centre.” Kasi said. 

Kasi has used her personal experiences to assist with her career development and made her the amazing Lead Educator she is today; Coming from a big family with lots of children Kasi felt that this has been a useful personal experience when working with younger children.  

When asked what was the best thing that she has learnt over the 21 years of working within a childcare centre Kasi said, “The best thing I've learned from working with children is the feeling we get when we are able to calm down and settle upset children as well as watching our children grow and develop and prepare for preschool.”  

Kasi continued, “I wish that the public understood the importance of good early childhood education and how it contributes to the children's education and social development.”  

We would like to again thank Kasi for her outstanding 20 years of service at our centre and we look forward to working alongside her as she continues her career journey. 


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