Early Childhood Education

A child's early years are an exciting time full of learning, discovery and growth. At Affinity Education, early childhood education and care is our core business - and our absolute passion. We recognise that our families trust us to deliver excellence in educational experiences for young children – and this isn’t a responsibility that we take lightly.


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March 2023 - Lifelong Learning team at Papilio Early Learning Artarmon

"Our goal is to grow and instil a lifelong love of learning in children's first five years so they can realise their full potential." Dr Lesley Jones, Head of Education and Pedagogy.

Affinity Education Group is proud to offer our employees and our families access to our  Lifelong Learning Curriculum - Australia's most progressive approach to early education for children from birth to age five.

Our Lifelong Learning Curriculum is based on the belief that learning and development occurs most successfully when supported by nurturing and engaged educators, in partnership with families and communities. ​

This curriculum draws on the best models of early education, contemporary research and evidence informed practices such as Circle of Security, Abecedarian, and Project Based Learning. It aligns to Australia's Early Years Learning Framework and offers a rich combination of play-based and intentional teaching experiences appropriate to each age group.

Growing and instilling a lifelong love of learning in children

Our Lifelong Learning Curriculum is based on what children learn, where they learn and how they learn, in three key ages.

Our professional development, Lifelong Learning Curriculum and support strategies are grounded in modern research and evidence and integrate real-world experience from an expert team. Our best practice approaches build valuable skills and expertise across all areas of professional practice and pedagogies, preparing our educators for rich learning opportunities.


Healthy Beginnings

Our Lifelong Learning: Healthy Beginnings Curriculum emphasises the establishment of secure attachments and positive relationships between babies and educators through the use of Primary Caregiver (Key Educator) approaches, the Circle of Security and learning zones focused on play schemas.​​


Early Experiences

Our Lifelong Learning: Early Experiences Curriculum emphasises guiding toddlers’ language and social development using the Abecedarian approach within our intentional learning zones focused on play schemas.​​


School Readiness

Our Lifelong Learning: School Readiness Curriculum emphasises enquiry-based projects and foundation learning skills to support children’s development of key 21st century school-readiness skills.​​ Our Education Team supports our Bachelor Qualified Early Childhood Teachers with outstanding programs which enrich their state-based preschool or kindergarten curriculums. 

I have worked here for 2 years, and I still love what I do. I am proud to work for a company that puts the children and its employees first. The Leadership team listen and are open to ideas. I can honestly say there are no limits to what you can achieve if you are passionate about what you do.

- Jeneeta Ganpat, March 2023, Google

Centres near you

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