The Affinity Way

Ask people within our Affinity Education community why they love working with us, and you'll hear about the Affinity Way.


Our values are more than just a statement on the wall - they guide, inspire and instil a sense of community within our people every single day. We recognise and reward those who live and breathe these values, we use them in conversation and strategies - we even hashtag our values when we share good news!

Why? Because our values make us diverse. And help us thrive. From our commitment to safety and a strong focus on quality to our practice management and inspiring early learning experiences guided by our lifelong learning curriculum. The Affinity Way is how we all reach our full potential.

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Our values

Being Completely Connected

We bring out the best in each other and the families we serve through collaboration and cooperation, communicating openly and sharing knowledge and information.
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Having Serious Fun

We all participate in making Affinity a fun place where we share laughter, celebrate achievement and maintain perspective and balance for each other.
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Living the Team Spirit

We all contribute to the Affinity culture of winning attitudes, teamwork, cooperation and creating a sense of belonging for everyone.
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Going Above and Beyond

We act with genuine positivity, pride and energy and go out of our way to deliver value that goes above and beyond the ordinary.
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Creating Shining Stars

We support and enable each other to grow, learn and develop by giving everyone the autonomy they need and having their back.
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Delivering Outstanding Professionalism

We are dedicated to providing a safe environment for our team and the children in our care. We act professionally and respect each other for who we are, our individuality, knowledge, skills and experience.

I have worked for the affinity for the past 9yrs, they provide extensive training and development, opportunities to study cert, diploma and bachelors and they accommodate placements that are required for courses. I have also had the opportunity to work as apart of a valued team, were everyone is respected and has the opportunity to be herd and recognised. Affinity has provided me with growth in my career and training to assist along the way.

- Melissa Betz, March 2023, Google

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