Affinity Expands National Education Team 

Affinity Education Group (Affinity), Head of Education and Pedagogy, Dr Lesley Jones has confirmed the recent national expansion of Affinity’s Education Team with the addition of five new Education Advisors and an Education Officer, the promotion of three team members to Senior Education Advisors and the ongoing collaboration with more than 20 Senior Educational Leaders who have been appointed across Australia. 

“This is by far the most talented and passionate Education Team I have ever had the privilege of working with, and I’m so excited about what we can achieve,” Dr Jones said.  

“The expansion of Affinity’s education team has coincided with our Lifelong Learning Curriculum which we launched back in March and is currently trekking beautifully as it is embraced and embedded across our early education and childcare centres around Australia,” she said. 

Seniors & Lesley

Dr Lesley continued, “We are deepening our connection with some of Australia’s most experienced and talented early childhood educators and teachers in so many ways, from mentoring to communities of practice events and opportunities for these amazing professionals to step beyond their own centres and share their knowledge and experience with their peers at other centres owned by Affinity.” 

Natasha Perrins, Affinity’s Infant Education Specialist, has been joined by Jola Sung, Affinity’s Toddler Education Specialist and Emma Wood, Affinity’s School Readiness specialist as three appointed Senior Educational Advisors, responsible for a national program of training and engagement in the Lifelong Learning Curriculum’s age-based programs. 

“It’s a privilege to work with Dr Lesley and our broader team, we really are in the most incredible position to be able to connect with our services in such a personal and fun way around Australia,” explained Jola.

2023-07 Education Team Shalini, Sonia, Charlene, Jess and Jessica

New Education Advisor Shalini Chandaran who is supporting services in Victoria said it was Affinity’s value of Going Above and Beyond which sparked her motivation to join the company.  

“I am realising how impactful the role of Education Advisor is and absolutely love guiding the team to help each child realise their full potential,” she said. 

Jessica Markosa, another new Education Advisor said her motivations included ‘igniting passion, motivating and supporting educators' pedagogy and practice and also continuing to learn myself.’ 

“Every experience is a learning opportunity,” explained Charlene Dean. “By offering these roles Affinity is investing in helping and supporting people in their journey to becoming Early Childhood professionals.”  

The role of Senior Educational Leader was established back in 2022 and enables experienced and passionate educators the opportunity to broaden their experience with dedicated mentoring and coaching while providing vital support to the educators and trainees in their own service and local Affinity cluster areas of centres.  

“I am really looking forward to this new role and all the learning involved,” said newly appointed Senior Educational Leader Nikita Robinson. 

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