Five Reasons to Start Your Early Childhood Education and Care Journey 

Early Childhood Education (ECE) in Australia includes the ages of 0 to 5 years with the opportunity for outside school hours care (OSHC), depending on the centre. 

The role of an educator during this stage in a child’s development is one of the most important, as it is the time in which the most crucial development milestones are achieved.  

We spoke to the passionate and experienced team of educators at Affinity Education Group to gather 5 key reasons as to why you should consider career in early childhood education! 

1. Shape the minds of the future 

As an educator, the role is more than a job, it is creating a safe environment for children to explore new experiences while meeting the developmental needs of the individual child in your care. 

The curriculum used by our early childhood educators focuses on not only the intellectual development of children, but also social, emotional, and physical development creating a foundation for lifelong learning and development. 

Zoe Aubry, Educator at Papilio Early Learning Meadowbank said, “One of the most rewarding aspects of being an early childhood educator is being able to provide a fun and safe environment, while following a curriculum that you can see with your own eyes is helping our children develop into well rounded individuals.”  

“Nothing feels more rewarding then being able to see the children in your care start to recognise and interact with the world around them and knowing that you are a part of that transformation.” 

The world of early childhood education and care is one of the most rewarding. It is filled with likeminded individuals, who don’t just work the day to day they live for it! Early childcare isn’t for the faint hearted, you have to be 100% passionate about providing the best environments, both educational and fun with a love for guiding children to realise their full potential. 

2. Study while you work in the industry you love 

This career choice offers endless opportunities and is the fastest growing within the education sector, with a projected 16,000 additional employment opportunities by 2025.  

There are a variety of ways to get into the early childhood education industry, the most rewarding is working while you study! Although not every organisation provides this style of program, Affinity Learning Academy has been designed to provide exceptional training and support using the Lifelong Learning curriculum to nurture children's early years education; all this, while providing the ability to work in one of Affinity Education Group’s centres Australia wide. Anyone finishing year 12 or re-entering the workforce can apply. 

The Affinity Learning Academy provides the support of inhouse coaches, fully funded courses to complete your Certification III or Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, as well as, providing flexible working hours and paid study time; this being, one of a very few industries that allows you to be fully supported during your learning and career journey.  

3. Career opportunities 

The early education industry provides a vast list of opportunities, where your development is supported throughout your career. At an Affinity Education Group centre, we provide an on-the-job training approach, allowing you to earn while you learn and allocated paid training sessions that are flexible around your schedule. The Affinity Learning Academy programs have been selected to provide ongoing training at any stage of your career, supported by Career Development Coaches, many of whom were once educators themselves. 

There are many career opportunities and pathways to select from once you’re qualified, and have had the experience of working within a centre environment, including: 

  • Early Childhood Educator 
  • Lead Educator 
  • Early Childhood Teacher 
  • Centre Manager / Assistant Centre Manager 
  • Centre Cook  
  • Centre Support Roles 

Employee Benefits  

Working within a service-based industry such as early childhood can also bring some great benefits. 

Although every organization is different, most centres will provide employees with a discount on the gap fees for childcare, for parents employed by the centres.  

Affinity Education Group provides a generous 50% discount with no waiting period on top of a range of other benefits. You also receive great parenting support, and most centres are very flexible.  

As an early childcare educator, no two days are the same! Because of this, most centres have a flexible approach to working arrangements including provided great flexible shift options for work life balance and study in an industry that understands that ‘life happens’. 

Madison Ellis, Educator at Papilio Early Learning Hunters Hill explained, “Flexible study and easy access to the student portal helped me in juggling my preschool workload being (full time / room leader), while keeping up with work admin, observations and higher duties. I was able to complete most of my diploma assessments well before their due dates because I was able to use this flexible study, and support from my amazing coach Misty Callen.”  

“Before finishing my certificate III and diploma with affinity traineeship, I found what really helped me in my studies and completing my assessments by their due dates was being able to pick up longer days, (10hrs from 8hrs) and drop Fridays so that I could work on my diploma. This flexibility with work / shifts and roster helped me in maintaining work life balance as I didn’t have to work over my weekends to get my assessments done.” 

“What I really liked and appreciated was the guidance and flexibility that my trainer provided through my diploma. She was extremely helpful and supportive,” said Madison. 

Working within a larger childcare organization can come with some additional benefits and support. Having centres located throughout Australia allows the opportunity to relocate without leaving the support and culture of the team, as well as having a much larger support system throughout your career.  



The support you receive while studying is endless; however, this doesn’t stop once you are qualified. For an Affinity Education Group team member, you have a large network of more than 4500 educators and teachers across more than 195 centres and dedicated support, quality and safety teams throughout Australia to lean on and learn from. Quality and safety are a large focus for the industry, as these are two pillars are what families rely on for the health and wellbeing of their children in your care.  

When looking for appropriate organisations to start your childcare journey, quality and safety should be at the forefront of your mind. 

One of our Affinity values is ‘being completely connected’ and through this we actively provide continual support to our educators, families, and local communities. 

How to get started 

If you’re looking for a fulfilling career and ready to start your journey in early childhood education and care, contact our People & Culture experts for a friendly chat on 07 3515 771 or email through to [email protected].