Empowering Our Educators To Go Further With Triple P Program

At Affinity Education, we are committed to empowering our educators to deepen their pedagogy and practice in their centres.

When it comes to supporting children in their development, we are committed to helping our educators and the families in their centres every step of the way. This is why we are proud to share with our families the Triple P – the Positive Parenting Program.

What is the Triple P Parenting Program?  

The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program is an internationally acclaimed, research-driven parenting program that aims to empower parents with effective and practical techniques to support their children in their emotional development and wellbeing.

"From those formative toddler years to the busy school-age years, raising well-adjusted children is every parent's focus," says Dr Lesley Jones, Head of Education & Pedagogy at Lifelong Learning Centres.

"The Triple P program helps parents manage tricky behaviour, set realistic rules and routines and helps build parents' skills to raise happy, confident children, giving them the best opportunity to reach their full potential."

Their techniques are easy to understand and apply and offer practical methods to help parents:

🠖 Develop positive relationships between children and parents.
🠖 Effectively set family routines and rules that work.
🠖 Manage problem behaviour and support positive behaviour.
🠖 Raise well-adjusted, emotionally resilient children.
🠖 Balance work and family with less stress.
🠖 Create a more supportive family environment.

Why Triple P?  

The Triple P program supports the broader Lifelong Learning Healthy Children framework, which champions enriched learning opportunities and learning experiences for the children in our centres. Triple P directly supports the Healthy Families pillar of this framework, helping children develop emotional confidence and social connectivity, and strengthening their bonds with their childcare centre, the local and wider community, and your family.

How can I access Triple P?  

Triple P is currently free for families to access in Victoria and Queensland through a state-funded arrangement, and low-cost participation fees apply in other States and Territories of Australia. Head to Triple P to register and commence your participation in this beneficial program.

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