5 Ways to Recognise High Quality in Childcare

As a leading provider of early childhood education and childcare with more than 190 centres across the country, Affinity Education Group specialises in offering high quality early education and learning programs centred on nurturing the best start to life for every child. Our team of highly qualified, passionate educators deliver inclusive, educational experiences for all children in an environment that fosters passion, creativity, and learning.

With so many childcare and day care options available in many locations, parents are spoiled for choice. All parents want to make a choice that best suits their child, needs, and budget. So, it’s vital when making such an important decision that parents also consider the quality of the education a centre will provide.

It’s no secret that high quality childcare makes a significant difference to the educational outcomes of children. Head of Pedagogy and Practice at Affinity, Dr Lesley Jones confirms that the benefits of a high-quality preschool program have the potential to “last right through children’s entire lives.”

With Affinity Education, your child is our sole focus and maintaining such high standards demands that we provide the best possible team and environment to ensure your child’s education is second to none. Working alongside parents to establish strong foundations in learning behaviours, our team are committed to providing a safe place for children to be, learn, and grow.

But what should you look for? Affinity Education recommends all parents consider:

  1. How well the provided educational programs cater to the various needs of children and their developmental stages.
  2. Training policies and systems in place to facilitate and protect child safety and wellbeing.
  3. The centre environment and how well it encourages children to develop confidence, resilience, and a love of learning.
  4. The commitment of the centre team to collaborate and cooperate with parents.
  5. The opportunities being provided for professional development of educators and staff.

Affinity Education Group continues to advance, improve, and invest in the services they provide across their community and have appointed Jodie McClelland as their new Head of Quality to action this commitment. Promoted from her current role of Quality Manager and working alongside a new and improved dynamic national quality team comprising a range of regionally based quality advisors, an assessment and rating manager, and an integration quality manager, McClelland is dedicated to ensuring Affinity’s centres and programs are up to the task.

Through ongoing collaboration between our Quality and Centre Teams, Affinity is proud to have 88 per cent of centres achieving services rated at Meeting or Exceeding the National Quality Standard. With McClelland at the helm of this new chapter, ambitious goals have been set to target an extension of these brilliant results to incorporate 98 per cent of centres. Affinity’s active work to ensure the recruitment processes, standards, training, and professionalism of their team is also of the highest quality also demonstrates this commitment.

Nurturing our long-standing commitment to excellence, Affinity’s focus on delivering high quality education empowers every one of our skilled team members to cultivate a safe, inclusive culture, and provide invaluable care.

In addition to offering a range of programs and services, Affinity Education also prides itself of delivering high quality early learning experiences for children while creating opportunities for social and emotional development. Cultivating a diverse and inclusive environment also demonstrates Affinity’s commitment to preserving children’s right to thrive in such fundamental years.

A quality education is much more than how well-known a centre is, or how flashy it looks. Now more than ever it is critical that quality remains a primary focus for those trusted to lead and educate children. Digging a little deeper and prioritising quality is one way parents can guarantee a brilliant start to their child’s education and development.

To tour and enrol in one of our high-quality early education and care centres, call 1800 CHILDCARE or book your family tour online. Affinity Education Group looks forward to welcoming you!