Early Childhood 


Growing and instilling a lifelong love of learning in children

A child's early years are an exciting time full of learning, discovery and growth. At Affinity Education, early childhood education and care is our core business - and our absolute passion. We recognise that our families trust us to deliver excellence in educational experiences for young children – and this isn’t a responsibility that we take lightly. Affinity’s Education Team drives the education strategy and implementation for our network of Lifelong Learning Centers across the country.

"Our approach to early years education is more than our career...it's our passion." Dr Lesley Jones, Senior Advisor of Pedagogy and Practice.

It’s well recognised that the first five years of a child’s life are critical to the social and academic success they will enjoy both now and into their future. At Affinity Education, this understanding drives everything we do to support the educational experiences delivered in our Lifelong Learning Centres.  

We recognise that to do this our educators and teachers need the skills, support and knowledge to deliver the best for their children. Our Education Team’s central focus is supporting every educator and teacher to be the best they can be for our children.  

Our professional development, Lifelong Learning approach and support strategies are grounded in modern research and evidence and integrate real-world experience from an expert team. Our best practice approaches build valuable skills and expertise across all areas of professional practice and pedagogies, preparing our educators for rich learning opportunities. 

We start by supporting our educators and teachers first:

  • In-centre personalised coaching in-line with each centre's needs.

  • Professional development workshops.

  • Ongoing education mentorship.

  • Online learning portal for self-paced professional development.  

  • Early Childhood Teacher development network and supported Teacher Scholarship Pathway.

  • ​Leadership coaching program for Education Leaders.

We are passionate about helping to grow our people’s educational expertise in meaningful and practical ways. Our Professional Development program uses evidence-informed practices that we know make a positive difference for our people – and as a result, our children!