Early Learning Matters Week

This week, Affinity Education will proudly celebrate Early Learning Matters Week and reflect on the importance of early education across our community of Lifelong Learning Centres.

The nationwide initiative, led by Early Childhood Australia, aims to raise public awareness of the early childhood education industry, and the vital role educators play in supporting children in their first five years of life. Research continues to provide evidence that the education a child receives in their first five years is undoubtedly the most important education they will ever receive.

Dr Lesley Jones, Senior Advisor Pedagogy and Practice at Affinity Education explains that children who have access to high quality early education are set up for future success – and that success continues through school; as those that start school ahead, tend to stay in front. 

“We are proud that our Lifelong Learning Centres offer age-specific learning programs that nurture children’s natural desire to play, but also learn and explore”, said Dr Jones.

“Our experienced educators understand how critical those early years are, and it is our role to foster children's curiosity and exploration; as well as social skills and an understanding of the world around them.”

As more families enrol their children in early education, the demand for passionate and dedicated educators is also on the rise. 

“Our industry is growing as the demand for high quality early learning increases. Families are realizing the benefits and maximizing the education opportunities in the first five years of their child’s life”, explained Dr Jones.

“Our educators are not just caring for children throughout the day, they are inspiring and empowering them to reach their full potential; providing experiences that build their social, emotional and academic confidence.”

“The role that educators and teachers play is vital – and is one of the most rewarding careers as you see the benefits of early education last a lifetime.”

Affinity Education provides regular training and development opportunities for educators, empowering them to deliver high quality and best practice early education for children. Careers are not limited to the classroom, with specialist education roles, quality advisors and management position all part of the endless employment opportunities at Affinity Education.

Some of our Centre Support Office staff shared why early learning matters to them...

If you are looking for a life-changing career in early childhood education, learn more about Affinity Education Group and join our team today.