Impact Report – Affinity Education Group & The Smith Family  

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After the first year of a three-year partnership with The Smith Family, the number of Learning for Life children sponsored by Affinity Education has grown by almost 20 percent to 244 students.  

Under the agreement, each Affinity Education centre is allocated one sponsored child. Every time a new education centre is opened, another child is sponsored. The team and children at that centre are sent information about their sponsored student and encouraged to send support messages. Affinity Education Group CEO Tim Hickey said staff and students at Affinity Education centres had warmly embraced the initiative. 

"We know many of our centres directly communicated with their sponsored child last year, and more have already commenced this in 2024," Mr Hickey said. 

Assistant Centre Manager at Papilio Early Learning Robina, Emma Niceski, said the engagement with the sponsored child was beneficial for the children at the centre. 

"We have encouraged children to write to our sponsored child, Beau, and they will continue to do this throughout the year," Ms Niceski said. 

"We are hoping Beau might also write back to us!" 

"Our national support for The Smith Family is a powerful example of the impact we can make as community at Affinity Education Group," Mr Hickey said.
"We encourage every centre to fully engage with their sponsored child throughout the year."
Smith Family CEO Doug Taylor thanked Affinity's teams for participating, adding that writing to sponsored students was often the most rewarding part of the sponsorship journey.
"It's a very real reminder of the difference the sponsorship is making to the child," Mr Taylor said.
"Every sponsorship gives a child the opportunity to make the most of their education and empowers them to create their future.

"It's been wonderful to see how engaged Affinity centres have been with their sponsored students, and we hope this will continue as the partnership grows in 2024."

Meet Some Of The Sponsored Students 


"Hi, my name is Kiarnna and I am 11 years old and am in year 6*. The thing that I am most excited about this year is that it's my last year of primary school. I felt proud when I got an athletics trophy with my name engraved on it. When I grow up, I want to get better in gymnastics. My Mum thanks my sponsor for sponsoring me at school. Thank you" 



"My name is Davis. I love building stuff using legos and blocks. I also love singing and drawing. I finished reading 5 home reading books now and my favourite book is The Red Truck. My favourite food is my Mum's homemade beef soup. I participated in the school's Cross Country carnival race and told my parents that everyone beat me, but I was the first from the back ☺. It was fun to race with my friends and classmates. Last term, I received an award for always having a go at each task and being at the right time and place for every class activity. I am so proud of my achievement, and I know I also made my parents proud. I am a creative thinker and always have a positive attitude." 


First Year Partnership Impact

  • Learning for Life scholarship program – 244 students 
  • Digital Learning Essentials – 9 students 
  • Future Seekers program – 2 students 
  • Learning Clubs – 8 students 
  • Passport program – 2 students 
  • student2student program – 1 student 
  • iTrack mentoring program – 1 Affinity volunteer mentor 


About The Smith Family's Learning For Life Program 

The Smith Family's Learning for Life program recognises that extra support for children experiencing disadvantage is crucial to keeping them engaged in their education so that they finish school and go on to further studies or a job. Learning for Life helps children create better futures for themselves by providing: 

  • Financial assistance from a sponsor to help families meet the cost of school essentials like uniforms, books and excursions 
  • Support from a Learning for Life Program Coordinator to connect the child and their family to local learning opportunities and other supports; and  
  • Access to The Smith Family's out-of-school mentoring and educational programs to help children get the most out of their school years.