Meet Miss Rachel: One Of Our Wonderful Centre Managers!

Meet our wonderful Miss Rachel! Miss Rachel is one of our inspiring, compassionate and supportive Centre Managers. Learn more about how she plays a big role in little lives!

If children are the heart of our centres, our Centre Managers are the soul. As a Centre Manager at on of our regional Queensland Milestones Early Learning Centres, Rachel Stewart is no stranger to the dynamic and exciting careers offered in the early childhood education and care sector. With a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, Rachel is committed to mentoring her team, inspiring little learners, and supporting the families of her centre community.

We wanted to learn more about the work of Miss Rachel. as well as what drives her to be the best she can be.

Why did you decide to become an early childhood educator? 
I was 15 when I started in the industry. From a very young age, my mother worked in early childhood education and I knew for many years I loved working with children. I was very young when I was babysitting for family friends. I enjoyed being around children and watching them grow.

What qualifications do you have? 
I hold my Certificate III and Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. One day I would like to complete my Bachelor of Education (Primary Education).

What’s it like to study while you’re working as an educator? 
I studied for my Certificate while completing my high school studies in year 12. I found my passion was always centred around my traineeship and focusing on how to become the best educator I could be. I felt supported by my trainer to complete my Diploma quickly and to a high standard. Completing qualifications while working can be tricky, but I always had a great support system behind me, pushing me along.

How do you know when you’ve had a positive impact on a child’s learning or development? 
I have cared for children since they were babies until they were ready to transition into 'big school'. It has always been amazing watching them transform over time. I know I have created a positive impact when children walk into the classroom with a massive smile, give me a hug, and are excited for the day.

What experiences from your own life have been most useful in your work with young children? 
I was brought up to be strong and independent and I encourage the children in my care to be the same. I encourage children to explore self-help and investigate how to do things by themself before I step in. I found this creates self-learners and independency.

What do you wish that other people understood better about your job? 
It is an industry that can be very rewarding. Watching young minds grow is amazing and I wish more people would understand there is so much more to the industry then “watching kids”. And, with a supportive company behind you, there are so many opportunities to grow and become a great educator.
Want to make lasting change in your community like Rachel? And help children grow in confidence, ability and empathy? Then maybe it’s time to take on a big role in little lives – a career in early learning could be for you! Contact our People & Culture Team on 07 3513 7771 today for a confidential career discussion or visit our opportunities page.