Safe Work Month

National Safe Work Month is upon us! Affinity Education Group has jam packed this October with a variety of events and programs to highlight the steps our Lifelong Learning Centres take to ensure the well-being and safety of those in our community.

Safe Work Australia developed the campaign in 2009 to help raise awareness of work health and safety (WHS) while providing a range of resources for organisations to effectively promote both internally and externally, their own health and safety processes and initiatives.

Work health and safety is a normal part of everyday operations for the team at Affinity Education. Our workplaces happen to involve almost 20,000 children and their families – so we take a more holistic approach to safety during Safe Work Month to promote children’s health and safety too. We conduct weekly meetings, professional development opportunities and regular safety drills – safe practices are embedded in all our processes and procedures.

There are many ways, year-round, that employees are supported to be safe at work, including:

  • Ongoing resources and guidance
  • Internal Policies, Processes and Procedures to mitigate risk
  • Induction and regular training opportunities
  • Holistic auditing of our procedures, and how they are implemented
  • Mental health support and guidance 24/7, through Lifeworks

Our Compliance and Safety Team, have developed an exciting program for October, focusing on four main safety pillars.

Week one concentrates on child health and safety focusing on effective supervision, safe sleep practices, transition practices and children’s food safety needs.

Week two focuses on the educator; from wellbeing, inductions and training to identifying hazards and risks for employee safety.

Week three looks at our environment; this includes, both risk assessment and environmental checks, to severe weather event processes and sun protection.

Finally, week four is safety for all. This week will see reviews of emergency and medical procedures, refresher training for our educators and managers, and to reflect on the current working environment and interactions.

Inclusive of the October Safe Work program our centres are encouraged to get involved with key dates throughout the month including:

Find your closest centre online or call 1800 CHILD CARE for more information about your centres National Safe Work Month initiatives.