Recognising Our Shining Star at Affinity Education: Krista Lynch

At Affinity Education we love to promote our people who go Above and Beyond – and Krista Lynch is a perfect example of this. Now celebrating her 10th anniversary working with us, Krista began as an Assistant Educator and has since held roles as Lead Educator, 3IC, Assistant Centre Manager, Centre Manager, and now Area Manager.

As Area Manager, Krista leads a group of over 120 educators and assists them to nurture the learning of approximately 380 children across regional New South Wales. Krista is also planning to introduce local families to our brand new, purpose-built Papilio Early Learning Tamworth centre which is due to open in late 2022.

Krista was recently awarded the highly coveted CEO’s Choice Award by our CEO Tim Hickey. We wanted to sit down and learn more about Krista and what drives her to be the Shining Star that she is.


When did you decide to make early childhood education your career?

I come from a large family, I have three sisters and two brothers, being the eldest, I was drawn to caring for and teaching my siblings from an early age, so becoming an early childhood educator was just in my nature. After having my own children, I knew that it was something I wanted to pursue. I began studying for my Certificate III in childcare and my journey flourished from there.

What do you love the most about your job?

I love collaborating with my team, and the innovative ideas that we implement to further strengthen our centres to help the children and families.

I love seeing how happy all the children and families are in our centres and how we are helping our children learn and grow and I love being a part of that even in an Area Manager role.

Tell us about your centres – what do you love the most about them?

What I love about my centres in Area 9 is that they are all unique. They all offer amazing care and quality, but they are all a little different with their own philosophy – which is what I love most. With a waitlist of 740 across five centres, it is great to know that the centres in Area 9 continue to be the provider of choice within our community.

How has Affinity Education compared to other employers in the sector?

Affinity is the most supportive company I have ever worked for! They will 100% support your journey through career progression, studying and just making sure you enjoy what you do. Affinity Education enjoys rewarding their Educators for their hard work, and they also have the children and families’ best interest at heart.

I am always sharing how Affinity Education is the best place to work. Take Tim Hickey - what other CEO knows everyone by name, follows your journey, comments, and likes your posts personally and is always up for some serious fun?

Thank you and congratulations Krista.

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